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“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

By working with us for implementing EPR
you also contribute in creating dignified Jobs for Women

We help brands owners, producers & manufacturers in Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).In 2016, the Government of India introduced the Plastic Waste Management Rules. According to this policy, brands owners, producers & manufacturers are held liable for responsible collection, treating and disposal of the post-consumer waste.

About EPR Solutions

This is where we come into the picture. We engage brands owners, producers & manufacturers to achieve Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy. We work with Municipalities & Grama Panchayats to recover and segregate wastes and with our wide array of tie ups with authorized recyclers and co-processing units, we make it possible to scientifically and responsibly dispose of the collected waste. We also conduct awareness programs for the waste workers, communities as well as various stakeholders.

“By working with us for implementing EPR, you also contribute in creating dignified Jobs for Women”

We Offer

Waste Recovery

  • Takeback Programs
  • Supporting Municipalities
  • Segregation & Processing


  • Awareness Programs
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Capacity Building


  • Recycling
  • Co-processing
  • Upcycling

Compliance Support

  • EPR Action Plan
  • Traceability Documents
  • Regulatory Support

    Why Green Worms?

  • Partnerships with ULB’s & LSG’s
  • Grassroots presence in all Southern States
  • Every 2 TPD of Waste Recovered annually can create 10+ Dignified Jobs
  • Vast networks of waste collection-transportation-disposal infrastructure.
  • Transparent, traceable and technology driven processes.
  • Stakeholders & Community engagement programs
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